San Antonio NAACP

Armed Services and Veterans' Affairs

San Antonio's Freedom Fund

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Officers and Executive Committees


Mr. Oliver W. Hill
Mr. Horace Brown, Jr.
First Vice President
Rev. M. Ahmad Rashad Berry
Second Vice President
Ms. Kathleen Carter-Stiggers
Third Vice President
Mrs. Maria S. Greene
Julian Anderson
Assistant Secretary
Mr. J. Maurice Gibbs
Dorothy L. Collins


Executive Committee

Rev. Malvyn Rashad Berry
Mrs. Minnie M. Hill
Mrs. Ann Johnson Brown
Mr. William B. Johnson
Mr. William Burman 
Ms. Sakita K. Martin
Mrs. Dorothy Collins
Mr. Elwood Mitchell
Mrs. Regina Horne-Espree
Mrs. Mentoria Sherfield
Mr. J. Maurice Gibbs
Mr. David Sherman