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Criminal Justice

           The Criminal Justice Committee at the Unit Level will strengthen families and communities through advocating for a decrease in violence, advancing voter and employment rights of the formerly incarcerated and the downscaling of prisons and for advocating the shifting of dollars/resources from prisons to schools.
           The purpose of the Criminal Justice Committee shall be to advance the Smart and Safe Campaign at the Unit Level by promoting alliances, research, legislation, and initiatives that will reform criminal justice policies and advocate for public safety as a civil right.
           The Criminal Justice Committee shall proactively engage on the following issues:
* Police Accountability
* Death Penalty
* Immigration
* Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools
* Voting Rights of Formerly Incarcerated People
* Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection
* Educate over Incarcerate
* Employment Barriers for Formerly Incarcerated People
* Gun Control
* Elevating the Voice of Crime Survivors
Criminal Justice chair: Rev. M. Ahmad Rashad Berry