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Communications, Press and Publicity

            The committee on Communications, Press and Publicity shall: (1) seek to promote media content consistent with fundamental NAACP goals which include the elimination of racial isolation and fear and the furtherance of multiracial and cultural understanding; (2) work to eliminate employment segregation and discrimination in those industries, comprising their communications arts and sciences (radio, telephone, television, motion pictures, newspapers, books, related computer communications, business, cable television); (3) seek to insure Black minority ownership and control of print and electronic media in both hardware and software; (4) monitor local and national media, especially advertising performance; (5) provide the National Office with research and data on those local businesses engaged in communications arts and sciences; and (6) seek to insure that all people have a meaningful right to choose from and have access to a variety of high quality telecommunications goods and services at reasonable costs.
Communications, Press and Publicity chair: Ms. Sakita K. Martin